Beer Style – No. 1 – Beyond The Pale, Dark Night.

Dark Night

Beyond The Pale‘s ‘Dark Night’ hit the shelves today; the latest in a series of increasingly cool looking bomber releases from the brewery. Further proof that some beers can taste as good as they look…

With a beer called ‘Dark Night’, it’s hard not to think of Batman. Fittingly, the label gives a not-so-subtle nod to the caped-crusader with a depiction of a bat in flight above the name. The characteristic block lettering, that has become commonplace on their bottle releases, is set against a background reminiscent of the Les Yeux mural at Ottawa U. The black lettering cuts away at white, overlaid with black circles, decreasing in intensity from the outside-in, creating a neat visual effect. To the right side of the label, Beyond The Pale’s distressed logo is fit in vertically, along with all the important information. The result is one beautiful looking beer…

…but how does it taste?

Dark Night 2

Dark Night is an Imperial Stout blended with Bridgehead coffee. You wouldn’t know it was imperial though. At 9.4%, the alcohol is really well masked by a whole lot of sweetness and some great flavours. A creamy mouthfeel and rich dark chocolate win the day, backed up a nice coffee profile. Roasty, nutty and a little bit spicy; a blend that works really well with this beer. It finishes out sweet, with a bit of dark fruit, a touch of toffee and some fantastic chocolate flavours.

Dark Night 3

Overall, I really enjoyed ‘Dark Night’, from an aesthetic perspective as much as from tasting it. I can’t wait to see how my other two bottles do with a little dust on ’em.