Robust Porter

A rare gem at the Beer Store. I always think of the Beer Store as more of a bottle depot. Typically, unless you’re looking to pick up a 24 of some run of the mill brand, usually of questionable quality, the Beer Store wouldn’t have much else to offer. With that said, they have started to step up their game, as market pressure for more craft presence lead the consortium of foreign-owner brewing companies to surrender more shelf space to local producers and also start bringing in a variety of craft beers from around the world.

Available at 10 Beer Store locations across the Ottawa area, Smuttynose’s Robust Porter is worth going out of the way for. Founded in 1994, in Hampton, New Hampshire, Smuttynose Brewing Company has become renowned for the quality of their products and for the uniqueness of their name. It may sound dirty, but the brewery is actually named after Smuttynose Island, one of the nine islands that makes up the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire.

This Robust Porter, which would now be classified as an American Porter , is Smuttynose’s most award winning beer (this beer is actually one of the examples of the style used by the Beer Judge Certification Program). Look out for an amazing balance of flavours, a big roast, dark chocolate, coffee, an almost vinous dark fruit character and so much more. Not cloyingly sweet or overly heavy, this is a great accompaniment to a cool December’s night!

Style: American Porter –6.2% ABV, 60.5 IBU, SRM – ?

Food pairings: Smoked brisket, Danish blue cheese, Chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream

Availability: The Beer Store