24 Beers of Christmas – December 5th: Blindman Kettle Sour #6

blindman kettle sour

A product of the rapidly expanding Alberta craft brewing industry! Halfway between Calgary and Edmonton, just a short detour off highway 2, you can find the town of Lacombe, where Blindman Brewing was established, in 2014. They are one of the many new startups that have been growing all across the province, since restrictive licensing requirements for craft brewers were relaxed in the province.

Blindman’s Kettle Sour #6 is an American Wild Ale style beer, the sixth in the series that combines a light bodied sour beer with a changing cast of hops. The beer employs a relatively new brewing technique that has become increasingly popular over the past few years called kettle souring. Essentially, the brewer introduces a culture of Lactobacillus bacteria in their brewing kettle either before or after the boil, which produces a sour wort. You can even use Greek yoghurt! This method is more efficient than traditional alternatives, producing sour beers in a fraction of the time and at a lesser cost. There’s also less of a risk for the contamination of the brewhouse and brewing equipment with wild yeast strains that could potentially ruin other batches of beer.

Kettle Sour #6 is a nice, somewhat grainy, light-bodied and pleasantly tart beer that uses Amarillo, a hop with famous citrus and stone fruit notes, as well as Vic Secret a relatively new cultivar from Australia that boasts Galaxy-like tropical fruit flavours, with herbal and resiny pine characteristics.

Style: American Wild Ale (Kettle Sour) –4.5% ABV, 7 IBU, SRM – ?

Food pairings: Light, Fruity Salads, young Goat’s Milk Cheese, Peaches and Cream

Availability: Not available in Ontario