24 Beers of Christmas – December 8th: Beau’s Farm Table Vienna-style Lager

Beau's Vienna Lager

Another lager? Sure, we’ve started off this cold-weather, holiday beers list with more lagers than one might have expected, but there’s some method for this madness. While we, rightly, view ales as being the more diverse of the families of beers, it’s worth showcasing the range of styles that fall within the often pigeonholed category of lager. Lagers, as we’ve come to recognize through examples like Budweiser Budvar B:Dark, Flying Monkey’s 12 Minutes to Destiny, Radical Road’s Sling Shot and one more yet to come, can be easy-drinking without being devoid of flavour. Such is also the case with Beau’s Farm Table Vienna-style Lager.

Based off of a type of beer first produced in Vienna, Austria around 1841, Beau’s take on a Vienna Lager exemplifies the commitment to high quality ingredients that typified the style. Beau’s Vienna-style Lager combines the characteristic use of high standard Munich malt, for a somewhat toasted, biscuity character and Vienna malt, typically a sweeter and grainier malt than Munich, with atypical Polish and American hop varieties that share similar flavour and aroma profiles as the traditional noble hops used in these beers. This creates a light drinking beer with a noticeable, sweet and balanced malt profile, and a beautiful compliments of light citrus and herbal hop notes.


Style: Vienna Lager –4.7 % ABV, 25 IBU

Food pairings: Dutch Braadworst and Stamppot, Emmental, Pecan pie

Availability: LCBO (in mix-packs), Brewery (singles available)