24 Beers of Christmas – December 13th: Tooth and Nail Solo Mission: El Dorado

Solo Mission El Dorado

Sometimes one hop is good enough… That’s definitely true when it comes to Tooth and Nail Brewing Company‘s second entry on the list. Solo Mission is the name of their series of beers designed to make a single variety of hop the star of the show. While the terminology for describing certain flavours and aromas can share high level similiarities, there are such a wide varity of interesting and surprising hops out there that are difficult to identify and appreciate when experienced in a blend.

Brewed in the American Pale Ale style and designed to have a light and fairly clean biscuity malt profile, the Solo Mission has already showcased such hops as Rakau, Simcoe and the lesser known Pekko. This version features a flavourful hop called El Dorado. While you may pick up on citrus and stonefruit (peach and apricot in particular) you may also come across watermelon notes and even something like a lychee candy – weird I know. But it’s really a fantastic mix that’s sure to excited the taste buds. Overall it’s very refreshing, a little bitter towards the end, but utterly satisfying.

Style: American Pale Ale (Single Hop) – 6.0% ABV, ? IBU

Food pairings: Hamburger with Jalepeno, Medium cheddar, Apple crisp

Availability: Brewery-only